Chunichi Cup: 3rd AA, 1st FX, 3rd VS, 4th v
Games of Dinamo: 1st Team, 1st AA, 1st B
Riga International: 1st AA
Tokyo Cup: 1st FX, 2nd UB
USSR Championship: 5th AA, 2nd B, 2nd FX
USSR Cup: 9th AA


Riga International: 6th AA, 1st FX
WSGF International Invitational: 3rd V, 6th B, 8th AA
USSR Championship: 2nd AA, 1st B, 2nd V, 3rd UB, 4th FX
USSR Cup: 2nd AA, 1st V, 3rd FX


America's Cup: 4th AA
European Championship: 3rd AA, 4th UB, 5th V, 6th B
Moscow News: 1st V, 1st FX, 2nd AA
Final Games of the USSR The Moscow region: 1st AA
RSFSR Championship: 1st AA, 1st V, 1st UB
Meeting USA-USSR: 1st Team, 1st AA
USSR Championship: 19th AA, 7th V
USSR Cup: 4th AA
World Cup: 1st Team


USSR Championship: 6th AA

This is a list of all the competitions in which I participated.


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Make the world a better and cleaner. People need to live in healthy homes, children live with their parents, in peace and harmony. It is easy and natural as breathing.

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My friends scattered around the world. Who in Europe who are in Russia, and who in general was cast on the other side of the earth. The Internet makes the world small and affordable.

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For me it's a way of life. Not a business and not a hobby - just life. And this site, this story about gymnastics and about me, everything that I can and want to tell you about it.

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