Open day!

Alvik's Sport Club invites children and adults to open the lessons:

August 26 10:00 Aikido
31 August 16:00 Self Defense, OFP

03 September 16:45 Jami Poppins Studio
September 10, 16:00 (ml.) Artis Studio
September 10, 17:00 (Art. Gr) Artis Studio
Address: T-bana Alvik, Gustavslundsvägen 168 A, 2 st, Bromma

August 26, 12:00 (Jr.) Thorildshallen
26 August 13:00 (Article Gr) Thorildshallen
Address: T-bana Thorildsplan, Geijersvägen 7-9
Classes are held by the OSSR championship in international class, world champion of the team championship, bronze medal of the Euro, Albina Shishova.

In addition, open courses:
- Therapeutic exercises

We will be happy to see you in our club.
Tel. For information: 073-999 62 01
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.